With cloud hosting, hardware limitations become a non-issue and the hardware itself becomes invisible. You are purchasing computing power as a utility, like you do water or electricity. But like utilities, just because the hardware is invisible, that does not mean the hardware and the infrastructure behind a specific cloud is irrelevant. They are very important, seeing as they drastically influence a cloud's usability, features, performance, security and uptime.

Cloud Server vs Dedicated Server

Performance Cloud Server Dedicated Server
Secure OS Isolation
Resource Management
Quick Recovery
Redundancy Cloud Server Dedicated Server
Data Protected with Backups
Easy Migrations to Servers
Scalability Cloud Server Dedicated Server
Add CPUs on demand
Increase RAM as needed
Add Storage anytime
Support Cloud Server Dedicated Server
Self Reboots
Self OS Reloads
Personal Recovery Console

Included with Every Cloud Server:

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Dell Hardware
  • Gigabit Network Ports
  • Unlimited IPs on select plans
  • Choose from 20+ Operating Systems
  • Free OS Installs
  • Upgrade Anytime
  • Free Server Reboots
  • Free Root Password Resets
  • 24/7 Support